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Bee Squad

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Inspired by Dr. Marla Spivak at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, the Bee Squad will help beekeepers and the community in the Twin Cities area foster healthy bee populations and pollinator landscapes through education and hands-on mentorship.

The Bee Squad is committed to bringing back a bee friendly world by educating, training, and assisting people engaged in helping bees thrive.  By promoting awareness about the critical contribution of pollinators to nutritious foods and a green environment, the Bee Squad helps people make choices that are good for the bees and ultimately good for us all.

Bee Squad Programs

Whether you maintain a colony of honey bees or you just would like to do something to help your local bees be healthy and happy, the Bee Squad can help.  We offer programs designed around the needs of both Beekeepers and Bee Supporters based on the most up-to-date scientific research available.

Beekeeper Education

Beekeeping is a science as much as it is an art and is best learned through hands-on mentoring.  Keeping bees healthy today requires more work than ever before.  The Bee Squad offers mentoring based on the most up-to-date information available.  The Beekeeper Education programs are designed for both the new and experienced alike to get the expert help you need. 

Bee Supporters Program

There are many ways to help bees without having to personally manage a colony of honey bees.  The Bee Supporters program is designed to help people help bees.

Future Programs

Future programs are being designed to help provide habitats for native pollinator conservation.

Current Programs 

Beekeeper Education

Bee Supporters Programs

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