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Beekeeper Education

Beekeepers, new and experienced alike, sometimes need a little expert help.  These two programs are designed for you!

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About the Programs

Keeping bees healthy today requires more work than ever before and beekeepers, new and experienced alike, sometimes need a little expert help. The Bee Squad offers hands-on, personalized mentoring based on the most up-to-date information available in two formats: Mentoring Apiary and the Home Apiary Help.


Mentoring Apiary

The best way to learn good beekeeping skills is through hands-on mentoring from an experienced beekeeper. The Mentoring Apiary Program will provide this invaluable teaching experience. It is a great program for newer beekeepers. Sign up for as many weekly, one- hour sessions as you need. Each session is tied to key management topics in a typical bee season. Working in small groups, you will manage the University teaching colonies under the guidance of highly experienced Bee Squad mentors. 

Session topics will change throughout the season. Early season topics will include installation of a new package of bees, sting safety, beekeeping tools, colony divides, queen status and food reserves. Mid-season topics include queen and brood status and health, maintaining adequate hive space, mite checks and tips on handling bees gently and smoothly. Honey supering, overall colony health, queen problems, mite and disease checks are covered in later sessions. At the end of the season, we will also cover colony wintering, mite checks and treatments and feeding.

The class schedule is maintained here.

Each one hour class will be $20.00. A package of three classes will be $45.00. You may pick and choose to attend sessions as you like and need. 


Home Apiary Help

Need help with your bees at home? In most cases, signing up for a Mentoring Apiary session (program details above) will help you solve your beekeeping question or problem at home. But we realize there are some beekeeping situations or emergencies that require more personal assistance. In those special cases, our Home Apiary Help program is designed for you. Schedule an appointment for a home apiary visit with one of our highly experienced Bee Squad team members. There will be a $150.00 fee per visit. This service is limited to beekeepers within 35 miles from the UMN St. Paul Campus. Please email or call 612-624-8989 to set up a Home Apiary Help visit.

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