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Beekeeping Manuals and DVDs

Beekeeping in Northern Climates

Furgala, B.; Spivak, M.; Reuter, G.


Provides basic management principles and methods for managing wintered honey bee colonies in northern climates. Includes ten illustrations, a resource list and glossary. 75 pages. For beekeepers. entomology students, and others interested in beekeeping. A 40-minute companion video is included.  Also included in the package is a copy of Honey Bee Diseases & Pests (see below)

Purchase Two manuals with 40-min DVD Beekeeping in Northern Climates: $27.50

Honey Bee Diseases & Pests: A companion to Beekeeping in Northern Climates

Spivak, M.; Reuter, G.


Updated for 2013. This 32-page booklet contains up-to-date information on controlling diseases, parasitic mites and other pests of honey bees. For beekeepers, entomologists, and apiculture students. This is included with the Beekeeping in Northern Climates package but is available here for the most up to date information and purchase alone.

Price: $ 7.50   Purchase 

Successful Queen Rearing Manual

Spivak, M.; Reuter, G.


Provides how-to information on biology of queens and drones, stock selection and maintenance, Doolittle method, mating yards, making queens, timing of rearing queens, and record keeping. Includes designs for making your own equipment. 80 pages. A companion video is also included with the manual. For hobby and commercial beekeepers and professionals who work with beekeepers.

Purchase manual and DVD Successful Queen Rearing: $25.00


Bumble Bee Resources


Amazing bee identification photos

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