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When you become part of the UMN Bee Squad Bee Network, you join a constellation of individuals, families, nonprofits and corporations that have chosen to actively support bees with the common goal of bringing back a bee-friendly world. With honey bee colonies in your yard, on your rooftop, or campus, you will find yourself engaged in conversations about pollinators with family members, co-workers, and neighbors. It is these vital exchanges that lead to learning, to minds changing, and to communities rethinking how they care for the environment. Putting honey bees on your property does not save the bees. It engages people with the world of pollinators, and inspires them to take actions on behalf of all pollinators.

Your membership to the Bee Network allows the Bee Squad to collect data on honey bee colonies throughout the Twin Cities and metropolitan area, identifying trends in particular geographic areas and gaining insights into honey bee health. Your bees will contribute to the science of good beekeeping; Bee Squad uses the data from your bees to communicate best management practices to beekeepers in the region and to contribute to the national conversation amongst beekeepers and scientists on how to make our bees thrive.

As part of the Bee Network, you will get updates on your bees throughout the season and find out what your particular bees and location are teaching the Bee Squad. 

UPDATE: The Bee Squad is intentionally limiting the size of our Bee Network and we are currently “full.” You can add your name to the Bee Network waitlist.

You can look for for direct actions you can take to support pollinators.

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Program Requirements

  • A location for the hive approved by a Bee Squad team member
  • A place to store extra equipment accessible to your beekeeper
  • Beekeeping permit if required by local ordinance


Service Fees and Equipment Costs

Bee Network Membership cost Family Corporate
Membership Cost (yearly) $950 $1400
Additional colony fee $500/colony $500/colony
Rooftop fee (yearly) $300 $300
Equipment cost estimate
Bees and basic equipment (first year only) $475.00 per colony
Permit (the Bee Squad will help you understand and acquire the correct beekeeping permit). City dependent

Additional options for Bee Network members

Service cost

Honey Bottling (This service is only offered October thru March. This is instead of getting your honey in a gated bucket. You must provide your own bottles.)

$35/ hour

New: support long-term honey bee virus research (your colonies will be part of a unique, long-term research project led by Dr. Declan Schroeder).