Mentoring Apiary Program

The best way to learn successful beekeeping skills is through hands-on mentoring from experienced beekeepers.

The best way to learn successful beekeeping skills is through mentoring from experienced beekeepers. Without beekeeping mentorship, new beekeepers often experience avoidable challenges resulting in colony death. The University of Minnesota Bee Squad’s Mentoring Apiary Program provides learning opportunities for beekeepers of all experience levels.

Join instructors from the Bee Squad in our teaching apiary on the University of MN St. Paul campus for in-person workshops that will take you from spring to fall. Each class will focus on a specific seasonal management skill, with time for participants to try inspection techniques and ask questions about their own colonies.

Stay up to date with recommendations on seasonal management with expert beekeepers from the University of MN Bee Squad. We use videos, photos, and data taken from hundreds of Bee Squad hives to provide timely recommendations for beekeeping techniques and management. Each class will be a live Zoom meeting, with time for questions and in-depth discussion.

Join Bee Lab scientists for one-day workshops on “Bee-Lining” and “Planting to Provide Food and Habitat for Native Pollinators.”  These in-person workshops are open to the public and do not require beekeeping knowledge or gear.