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Graduate Student Position

At this point, we are not actively recruiting students.

Students are expected to be collaborative scientists that are creative, highly-motivated, and insatiably curious. Much of the research involves field ecology, and good humor while working long hours in hot, humid and bug-ridden conditions is necessary. Finally, graduate school can be challenging, arduous, exciting and fulfilling. A wonderful resource for what to expect and how to be successful as a graduate student in ecology and entomology can be found on Spencer Hall’s website.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

We do not have a postdoctoral research position open at this time. However, those interested please feel free to contact Dan with ideas and potential funding opportunities.

Summer technicians

The Cariveau Native Bee Lab hires numerous field technicians each summer. We typically advertise for positions in January or February. We will post ads through social media, listserves, as well as here on this website.