Beekeeping in Northern Climates- Year One

BEEKEEPING IN NORTHERN CLIMATES Year 1, in-person: Getting Started in Beekeeping

Interested in becoming a beekeeper?  Dr. Marla Spivak, Gary Reuter and Dr. Katie Lee from the University of Minnesota Bee Lab will help you get started in beekeeping. If you have no prior experience keeping bees in our cold climate, Beekeeping in Northern Climates Year 1 will teach you the foundations of what you need to know for a successful first year.

Topics include:

  • Purchasing equipment and bees
  • Hiving packages
  • Best management practices for keeping bees in urban and rural settings
  • Honey production
  • Successful strategies for the first winter
  • Strategies for keeping your bees healthy using medications as a last resort

Students will receive a hard copy of our manuals Beekeeping in Northern Climates, Second Edition and Honey Bee Diseases and Pests. There will be opportunity to visit with beekeeping vendors and watch demos of making value-added products, like beeswax candles and creamed honey.

Take our additional in-person course titled “Beekeeping in Northern Climates Year 2: Keeping Bees Year After Year” for education on keeping honey bees healthy from year to year.

When: This in-person course will be held again in January or February 2024. Lunch, snacks, and beverages will be provided.

Where: University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus

Registration: Cost is $150.00 per person payable with a credit card. 

Registration closes:  When the class reaches its maximum capacity of 150 people, or a week prior to the course.

Refund Policy: Registrants who cancel before 11:59 pm on the Friday prior to the Saturday class will be refunded the registration fee less a $20.00 cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after then.



  • Marla Spivak, Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota
  • Gary Reuter, Bee Lab Coordinator, Extension, University of Minnesota
  • Katie Lee, Apiculture Extension Educator, University of Minnesota