Home Apiary Help


Need help with your bees at home? In most cases, signing up for a Mentoring Apiary session will help you solve your beekeeping question or problem at home. But we realize there are some beekeeping situations or emergencies that require more personal assistance. In those special cases, our Home Apiary Help program is designed for you. At each visit, an experienced beekeeper from the Bee Squad will perform an inspection on your hives and check your mite levels, assess food stores, assess brood health, and assess queen health. The Bee Squad beekeeper will provide you with a written summary of your colony inspection and make recommendations for future hive management.

There will be a $200.00 fee per visit. This service is limited to beekeepers within 35 miles from the UMN St. Paul Campus, and is offered between May 1st and October 1st. Please email [email protected] to set up a Home Apiary Help visit.