Pollinator Education Toolkits

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The materials below are online components of an educational toolkit that was created by pollinator experts at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab and Monarch Joint Venture. These kits provide science-based pollinator education through games and interactive features. The videos below include instructions for education and outreach leaders. The content of the kit can be modified to benefit audiences with varying levels of pollinator knowledge. Users will come away with a new appreciation for pollinators as well as new ways to help them. We are grateful to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for supporting production and distribution of the pollinator toolkits.

For more guidance on how to use the toolkit components, visit this how to guide.

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Materials are listed individually below along with informational videos on how to use the materials.

Pollinator Plate

The Pollinator Plate activity helps teach how the food on our plates is impacted by pollinators. This activity is available as cards to be used at outreach events as well as slides that can be used for either remote or in-person presentations.

Learn more about how to use the Pollinate Plate activity with this video.


Pollinator Trivia

Host a trivia night, either remote or in-person with our Pollinator Trivia slide show.

Short video on how to use the Trivia slide show.


How are the pollinators doing?

People care about pollinators. They want to know how they are doing and how they can help. This activity is available for use as a poster as well as a slide show.

Get some more details on how the pollinators are doing with this video.

Four Actions to Help Pollinators

Learn what action steps you can take to help pollinators. This activity is available as a printed poster, a pdf poster, as well as a slide show.

Get some more details pollinator diversity with this video.


Bees or Wanna-Bees?

There are many other insects that look like bees. In this activity, you will get to know some of the other insects that can be mistaken for bees. There is Bees or Wanna-bees poster as well as an interactive slide show.


Pollinator Diversity

Pollinators come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Get to know some of the common Minnesota pollinators in this activity. Then go look for them in your yard or favorite park. This activity is available as a card set, two sets of mini-cards for matching games, as well as a slide show.

Get some more details on pollinator diversity with this video.


Rare MN Bees

In this activity you will learn to identify some of the rarest bees in MN. Then go out and take photos to help us learn where these bees are still hanging on so we can better help them recover. This activity is available as a printed poster and as a sharable pdf poster.

Get some more details on these rare bees with this short video.

Stay tuned for more remote activities, including the top myths about pollinators.