Pollinator Education Tool Kits

This versatile, portable, educational toolkit was created by pollinator experts at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab and Monarch Joint Venture. These kits provide science-based pollinator education through games and interactive features. The kits include instructions for education and outreach leaders. The content of the kit can be modified to benefit audiences with varying levels of pollinator knowledge. Users will come away with a new appreciation for pollinators as well as new ways to help them. We are grateful to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for supporting production and distribution of the pollinator toolkits.

We are able to offer downloadable materials available to all. To receive access to these materials, fill out the Online Pollinator Education Toolkit Form

We have distributed 200 free Pollinator Education Toolkits to MN educators and are taking applications for another 40 educators to receive a free kit. These are interactive outreach materials. They do not require specific training as the materials are designed to stand alone but additional background information can provide enrichment, so we will provide some videos with additional information and instructions. Some written instructions will also accompany the kits. If you receive a kit, you will be asked to keep track of use and answer an annual survey.