Smiling person with a beard of bees.

Understandably, many people fear getting stung by bees. People that fear bees can't imagine why anyone would wear a beard of bees, but people that love honey bees know ways to entice bees to cluster on them without getting stung. We don't encourage you to do this at home, but we do want to make the point that stings are part of a beekeeper's everyday life and are not life-threatening.

You too can learn how to appreciate and lose your fear of bees.


For most people, getting stung hurts a little, swells a little, and then it's over. Only 3% of the entire population will develop more severe reactions. If you are worried about bee stings, read this great hand-out with facts about bees, safety tips and more. Go to the Pollinator Partnership Website to view the "no fear of stings" brochure (PDF).

For those interested in the details of how bee venom affects us, and what to do in the case of allergic reactions, The Cleveland Foundation Clinic offers an in-depth look at bee venom allergies. You will also learn more about the differences between honey bees and other stinging insects which are often misidentified.