Why is my honey crystallizing? How can I prevent this from happening?

All honey will crystallize over time. How fast this happens depends on sugar composition; specifically glucose content, which if high will crystallize faster. Glucose content depends what types of nectars make up your batch of honey. Lots of pollen particles in your honey will also make it crystallize faster.

Some people actually prefer the texture of crystallized honey, but if you do not, you may heat it very gently (never over 100 degrees F) and your honey will return to liquid while maintaining its nutritional integrity.

Where can I buy UMN honey?

The University of Minnesota Bee Lab has honey for sale at the Dairy and Meat Salesroom as well as the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Please make sure to call ahead and check their supply as they tend to sell out fast!

What are the rules about bottling and selling honey in MN?

Our customers (people selling their own honey) do not need to register with the MDA, as honey is a ‘product of the farm,’ and thus exempt from licensing under M.S. 28A.15. However, if they flavor the honey, then it is a cottage food and must be registered.

See the MDA food licensing webpage for additional information on selling food products in Minnesota.